Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adult Literacy Classes for Women

With assistance from the British Embassy in Khartoum we hold basic literacy classes for women who can’t read or write.

A WEP teacher with her class
one of our supported adult literacy teachers  with her class.

Over 600 women attend these classes in 20 locations around Khartoum. On our visit we saw women teachers helping women to read. “ Thank you”, said one woman ,” Now I can read signs and I can write my name”.

Learn more about our Women's Literacy project here

Women attending a Women's Education Partnership basic literacy class

A basic literacy class in Khartoum

Women in need of basic literacy

Women in a WEP class with their children

Teachers with Neimat our Country Coordinator
one of our teachers in in the centre – to the right is Neimat , our in country coordinator
Learn more about our Women's Literacy project here