Saturday, 4 January 2014

A New Year Update

We are very concerned about the reports of continued fighting in South Sudan. There are positive signs emerging about peace negotiations and a possible truce; however there have clearly been outbreaks of violence and unrest in certain  areas.

We hope that rapid progress is made towards securing peace as a matter of urgency and we support the efforts of all peace makers.

We learn from Juba that Kimu health clinic is working as normally as possible under the circumstances. The team there has remained together and our friends are safe. We also learn that the our HIV/Aids outreach programme for 2014 is ready to commence when the time is right and we have news that our staff and volunteers are safe.

We await news about the university and our students  as term is due to begin. We also await news about the adult literacy classes for women which were established in Terekeka.

In the meantime, we thank all our supporters who have sent messages of encouragement over Christmas. As WEP acts through personal contacts, we have been able to pass these on directly to friends in South Sudan.

We will continue to prepare for further projects in 2014 so that when peace returns, WEP will be ready to respond.

A recent Email from a friend leading a project supported by WEP in a troubled part of South Sudan ended with these words.

As we are entering 2014 tomorrow we pray that peace prevails in all corners of the World and wish you prosperous New Year. It is also our hope and wish that WEP's work expands in this New Year 2014.

It is a privilege to share with all supporters of WEP this optimistic message for the future emerging from a place where there is conflict and uncertainty.  Even in difficult times we learn of courage, hope and generosity of spirit.