Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adult Literacy Classes for Women

With assistance from the British Embassy in Khartoum we hold basic literacy classes for women who can’t read or write.

A WEP teacher with her class
one of our supported adult literacy teachers  with her class.

Over 600 women attend these classes in 20 locations around Khartoum. On our visit we saw women teachers helping women to read. “ Thank you”, said one woman ,” Now I can read signs and I can write my name”.

Learn more about our Women's Literacy project here

Women attending a Women's Education Partnership basic literacy class

A basic literacy class in Khartoum

Women in need of basic literacy

Women in a WEP class with their children

Teachers with Neimat our Country Coordinator
one of our teachers in in the centre – to the right is Neimat , our in country coordinator
Learn more about our Women's Literacy project here

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Warm Welcome

Penny and I send greetings from Sudan to Women's Education Partnership supporters in England  and beyond.

It's a hot day here and the traffic is busy.

This is day one of our visit to our staff and our students here.

There are also plans to visits many of our projects - including adult literacy, HIV/Aids outreaches for women and eye care clinics.

George at The Acropole Hotel, one of our strong local supporters,  has made us very welcome from the moment we arrived at the airport from Nairobi.

We were with Neimat in the Acropole hotel on the first day of our visit. She welcomed us very warmly, so warmly that I practised my new video skills on her. I intend on this visit to record short movies of what we see and who we visit so you can see what we see a  bit clearer. I hope you appreciate our efforts.  Thank you Neimat.