Friday, 30 September 2011

Eye Care Results

This lady has Pterygium 
Our eye care team led by the indefatigable Dr Nabila Radi continued their excellent work for the displaced around Khartoum in September.  At outreaches in squatter areas north of Omdurman on 11 September and south of Khartoum on the 29th, she saw 232 patients, 141 of them women and 7 children.  In the second outreach there were an unusually large number of advanced cases of glaucoma, sadly diagnosed as beyond effective treatment.  The patients concerned were given drops as a palliative.  In all 118 patients received medicines, 20 were referred for operations, 48 received glasses and 76 will have further tests to determine the lenses they need.  Thanks to Dr Nabila for all she does to help.
Sadly this boy's eye must be removed

But there is no sign of the demand for these services diminishing.  How much more could be done if we only had more resources!

The TfS Eye Care Project

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