Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Web Site Updated

Once again the website for our charity has been updated and includes more stuff. Mainly this time around it's documents including the latest Financial Report and Annual Trustees Report. The really big change though is the Latest News page which has now got a grid style design filled with little news snippets. We are doing so much now as a charity that the old style page just could not cope. Each snippet leads to a bigger article and the cleverest thing is that the grid design allows us to pop news in easily and simply.
Together for Sudan is a dynamic and growing charity that is doing more and more, and is ever in need of funds to support it's work in Sudan. By providing better access to what we are doing we hope to encourage our supporters and web visitors to support us as we continue to grow. Check out the website now if you have not yet seen it, all visitors are welcome. www.togetherforsudan.org


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